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Questions & Answers (or FAQ for those who don't know)

How does it work?
Intense light is pulsed directly onto your skin surface that is covered in ultrasound gel. The light penetrates your skin and targets the melanin in your hair and skin, and gradually generates and increases the heat to the hair follicle and its surrounding tissue. Result: Hair dies and after 2 weeks it falls out. Then you go again to get more done.
Does it hurt?
No it does not. This beauty is not pain. You'll feel cheated! Ok, maybe a slight sting here and there. Immediately after the treatments you may feel a mild heat for a few minutes, or a couple of hours, but mostly you will feel next to nothing at all.
How many treatments does it take?
About 10% of all your hair is hit in a single treatment, only actively growing hair. Keep in mind that at any one time your hair is either growing, resting or dying and being replaced. Make the sums: Minimum 10 treatments. But after 3-4 treatments you really start to see the difference. Some men need as many as 24 treatments depending on the coarseness of their hair. Women are lucky. They can get there in 12. Not fair hey?
What do I do to prepare for hair removal?
There will be a consultation to look for contraindications. This is checking of anything you might do or take that can put you at risk. Then if it's safe, get a patch test first. This means doing a small spot, ususally under one arm, where it's not noticable. Then wait 72 hours to see if anything happens. If nothing, good! To read about some of the contraindications CLICK HERE.
What is a patch test?
During your first consultation you are screened for skin type and contraindications (things that can make you react adversely). Then a 'patch test' is done, usually on the inside of your upper arm where no-one can see it. You wait 24-72 hours to see if there is any reactions. If not, you're ready to go for your badge!
Do I arrive as my furry self?
The area to be treated should be shaved 12-14 hours before, latest 3 days before. If not, your therapist will shave you and charge you for the service..
When will the hairs fall out?
The hair will fall out 2 weeks AFTER every hair removal session. After your treatment, nothing happens. Then suddenly..... NOTHING! No hair!
How much falls out every time?
Approximately 10% of the total body or face hair will fall out after each hair removal session. These treatments can only traget actively growing hair.... So you have to go again.
Do I have to stay off work?
SHR has not after-effects, so you can go back to work right away.
Do I shave before?
You have to shave on the day, or the day before or latest three days before.
Can I wax before?
No. The light uses your shaved hair as a conduit to get down to the follicle. You cannot wax for 2-4 weeks before your treatment.
Check out THESE things you can and cannot do!
How does it work?

During treatments Intense Pulsed Light is fired through a handpiece that is in contact with your skin. These SHR machines function only in the visible light spectrum so no infrared or damaging ultraviolet radiation.

The SHR light targets colour pigment in the hair as well as chromophores colour pigments such as melanin in brown spots and freckles; and haemoglobin in broken or diffused blood vessels and this helps with Skin Rejuvenation.  

The light penetrates only the upper layers of your skin from the surface down to the hair follicles and surrounding tissue and heats it.Heating the follicle and surrounding tissue deactivates follicles from generating new hairs.

Is it dangerous?
Cars are dangerous... Training of therapists and quipment design minimises risk in a best-practice environment of screening and application. You have to wear eye protection during your treatments.
Is this the same as radiation?
It's not a cell phone. You are NOT radiated. The LASER4MEN SHR system operates in the visible spectrum of light. No infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The light penetrates your skin no deeper than to your folliciles and surrounding tissue.
Can I do my shaft and scrotum?
Yep. Anything with hair on it can be treated.
Will it affect my ability to get a woody?
It's not that sort of thing mate. There is no radiation and it is only skin deep and it's not a cell phone.In fact it will probably be better because of the hair on skin and all that...
Do I have to take my clothes off?
Duh! Only the part that are going to be treated. you can keep your shoes on....
What if I get a woody?
(Erection/Fat for those who don't know)
So what? It says nothing more about you other than it works. Unless it does....

Therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it but to remove the hair from it.

It's actually better if you do (get a woody) because the skin is tighter and it hurts less with the the endorphins going..... You get the picture?

Seriously... during the treatment therapists constantly pull the skin tight over the areas they are working on. This ensures the follicles are close to the surface of the skin making the treatment easier on you and for them.
NEVER perpetuate your problems on others. If you suspect you contracted something before your appointment that can be transferred through touch, do the right bloody thing and cancel! Herpes-type conditions, even when you have a cold sore, cannot be treated.
  Q&A Super Hair Removal
Why 'Hair Reduction' and not 'Hair Free'?
You can never achieve total 100% 'hair free' no matter what system you use. The max is around 90-95%. Average is actually between 75-90%. Face it, we're human animals. It would just be unnatural...

Seriously. After you've gone the distance, you may have to do a 'maintenance' once a year, maybe twice (depending on how hairy you were when you started ;-)
Does it smell?
No, you're not set on fire. No burning hair, so no smell.
Am I hair free immediately?
Mate, show me 'immediately' for anything.... I'd be very worried if it was 'immediate'. Sounds too radical. Like anything, embarking on this requires a commitment over time. In the short term though, after 2 weeks of your first treatment the hair you shaved before the treatment will die and will shed. New hair will grow in 2 to 3 weeks after that. Next it will be their turn to face extinction.
Skin conditions?
Your skin must be in a good and healthy condition. No open sores or breakouts of any kind. Go away and come back when its healed. Check out these no-no's.
What does it feel like?
Nothing, basically. Maybe a little cold from the ultrasound gel that is spread over the skin before, and the coolness of the machine head against your skin.
Does it work on blond hair?
It's not impossible any more. The LASER4MEN SHR system is more effective on blond hairs where it was impossible in the past.
What about red hair?
Same as blond hair. Much more effective than other systems.
I have gray hair?
Nope. It ain't gonna work for you mate. You're doomed! Better to wax or trim from now on.... But we're working on this and pushing the system. Will keep you posted about how that's going ;-)
Will I break out?
Breaking out is an immune system reaction. This can happen, same as waxing. But you are screened carefully and the patch test that is done before anything else usually throws up any adverse effects you may experience.
I have vericose veins.
No can do bud. Sorry.
Skin conditions?
There is a list of things you should not have or do or take if you are considering SHR. CLICK HERE to see the list.
SHR is a hair REDUCTION system. Steroids is a hair GROWING system. Go figure mate. It's a losing battle. But we're happy to take your money....

NEVER Not before and not after! And then you have to wear sunblock because your skin can pixellate. Read this list!

What is a Brazilian?
The hair from your shaft, the scrotum and as much of your pubes as you want, are removed.
What is a Colombian?
Same as for the Brazilian, but all the pubic hair is removed as well. Some men remove their pubes up to their "speedo line" (where your top elastic of your budgie smugglers or tighty-whiteys go (speedo or brief for those who don't know) while others go to the naval. Still others go up to under the chest to get rid of the 'garden path', but now we're getting to the chest and tummy wax areas. Another story altogether....
What's better, a Brazilian or a Hollywood wax?
There is no 'better'. It all depends what hair you want to keep and which to get rid of. It is a personal preference.
What is a BSC?
Back, sac and crack....same as for waxing. This is what most men have waxed. It includes removing the hair from the tops of the shoulders, the back and a Brazilian.
NOTE: About names and terms
Terms mean different things in different countries and can vary from therapist to therapist. It is safest to explain what you want done and let the therapist put a name to it. Never assume therapists knows what you want done. Always tell them unless you want an opinion in which case you must ask them to suggest something.
WARNING! Presciption Drugs

There is a long list of medications and conditions that cannot be in your system when you are treated. If you plan to do this and you have ANY doubt about what you're on, chat to your phamacist or doctor. Tell them you're planning to do this and ask if it is safe for you to do!